Celebrate the lives of those that surpassed us on January 12, 2010 and remembering those that define who we are today as a nation

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Remembering those that went before us during January 12, 2010 devastating Haiti Earthquake.

Remember our children, the Little Angels that are now in heaven watching from above..

Remember our brothers and sisters, rich ,poor , educated or not ,

All are beautiful in the eyes of, mighty, God.

We will never forget our Haitian brothers and sisters that have left us so soon.

We thank and appreciate those who have stood by us that  helped or assisted Haiti’s recovery.

Thank you for:

  • Feeding our children
  • sheltering help
  • Medical assistance
  • Clothing us
  • Clean water
  • Financial assistance

Most of all Thank you for making our burdens your burdens .

Whether Haitians, Africans, Chinese, we are all “people” first before our nationalities.  We all have the same basic needs.  We all cry, we all hurt, we all rejoice, we all love, we are all in this together. God purposed for us to be here together to make this world a better place , to spread his love and glorify him by how we live with each other. Who is my  neighbor, who is your neighbor… is it those next door? is it those in your community? Hmm.. take a good look Haiti is only an hour away by plane , are they our neighbors?  Some of us need to rethink the meaning and definition of the word NEIGHBOR. You see the true definition of neighbor is anyone who is on this earth with you.


Let your love be seen  Not just heard.


  1. William Francis

    Bondye avek Ayiti…Nou pap janm bliye jou 12 Janvye 2010. Jou sa-a grave nan memwa nou.



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