ABRAHAM LE FILM COMPLET (version française)

Le film Film sur Ibrahimrelate l’histoire du Prophète Abraham ou Ibrahim, sa naissance, la révélation qui lui est parvenue, son opposition au tyran Nemrod et son refus d’adorer les idoles. On y découvre également son mariage avec Sarah et Hajar…
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Yon Monn Nouvo by Sydney Guillaume

Sydney Guillaume Published on Nov 23, 2014 (Music begins at 3:30 after introduction) World Premiere – Florida ACDA Conference – October 31, 2014. Treble Voices (Lake Nona Middle School) & Lake Nona Singers-(Lake Nona High School)… Justin Chase, Courtney Connelly,…
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Conan O’Brien danced to Bookman Eksperyans

Had an amazing dinner at Brasserie Quartier Latin and danced so hard to Boukman Eksperyans featuring Michael Benjamin & Paul Beaubrun that my pants fell down. I love this country. #ConanHaiti Conan O’Brien is definitely having the best time in Haiti. Dancing…
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Do Or Dare: S1:E2 Jason Derulo VS Keke Palmer

In this episode, Keke Palmer and Jason Derulo compete in a series of unbelievable dares – from riding a mechanical bull while balancing a tray full of drinks to being strapped to a spinning pizza as their opponent fires toppings onto it… all for Saving…
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