Our mission

Dimwen is a social network to connect Haitians all around the world. Whether you are living in Haiti or in other parts of the world such as the United States and Canada your connection is very much possible. Dimwen made it super easy and accessible for you to make a new connection and rehabilitate the old connections. The Diaspora Population is being isolated based on alleged discrimination and you were made oblivious from your government and left astray in the dark ages of time. But the shining light of Dimwen will help you to generate light of feelings, expressions, and thoughts with your diaspora counterparts to help you facilitate to thrive. Your vision is our vision and your thoughts are our thoughts. Once reconnect with your friends you will never get separated again. Dimwen has provided you with all the opportunities with a super attractive user interface and easy-to-use functions.

With Global Reach and easy access connect with your friends and family member. The vision of tomorrow will create the present of today.

This platform will resurrect the cultural values of the Haitians. With the global reach to the diaspora counterparts and super speed, the connection will not only give power to your cultural values but will also create new doors for its dissemination. Football which is the popular and national sport of Haiti can be streamed online and you can watch it with your friends and family. The convivial memories you will create will further empower your values and mental capabilities. These are to remain forever beyond the boundary and restriction of time and space. Things are changing now and Dimwen has taken a preemptive measure to destroy the nostalgia of people.

Create a connection, create friendship, share your feelings, share your thoughts, and share the things you think to share, share for life!

You are no more isolated and separated and different. You are part of the Global Community. Your community is super beautiful because you have proved it with your determination to spread your culture and your thoughts around the world. The things you can ever imagine come true and your near one is more than ever near you.