Privacy Policy for Dimwen

Dimwen, Inc. (“Dimwen”, “Our”, “Us”, “We”) cares about the personal information of all the users at “Dimwen” extremely. This article will elaborate that how we use your information when you visit or use the website available at (the “Site”) and/or Dimwen’s other products, domains, services, and/or content (collectively with the site, the “Services”).  When you use the Services of Dimwen, you are consenting to the Storage, Manipulation, Transfer, Collection, disclosure, and other uses of your information as described in this privacy policy: Please read this article carefully to know all about the privacy policy of the Dimwen.

Also: This privacy policy does not hold what our users do on their blogs and we are not responsible for the information garnered and use practices of our blogs and bloggers.

The prime feature of Dimwen is that its products have customizability and bloggers have lots of flexibility in how their blogs behave. Whenever you will visit our blog, that blog may collect more information than we do, and the blogger can also provide the information to the third party to which we might not have any direct link, including advertisers.

What this Privacy Policy Covers

This privacy policy covers the treatment of the information which is gathered when any user is using our services at “Dimwen” OR visiting our website. It is also covering the information that our partners share with us or we share the information with our partners.
This privacy policy doesn’t apply or implemented to the practices of the third parties, who are not under our influence including but not limited to any third party website, services, and applications (“Third Party Services”) or use. Meanwhile, we facilitate your reach to the third party who respects our policies. We don’t take any responsibility for the information you share with them. We advise you to take care of the privacy policy of third party services you access anytime during using our services.

How we and collect information

Account Information

When you create your account on the Dimwen service (an “Account”), you will provide your personal information such as your username, your birthday, your short biography, and your email address. By writing your username, you are making it public. By giving your date of birth you are consenting to use it to show you personalized content and services and products that can best suit your age.
We have the option to show your email to other users also, but that option you can remove by simply going to the account settings. We will not expose your email to the third party in case you have opted out it by yourself. But it can be exposed to the third party in rare circumstances which we will discuss here.

Information About Your Account on Third Party Services

You can connect your account with third party services. To do so, you must provide us your username and user ID for each of these third-party services. You might need to go through an authorization process to give us the validation of services you are providing on the Dimwen platform and their authenticity. We will not store or remember your username or Passwords for your third-party services.

Communication with us through Email

You will often receive some emails from us expect team for the purpose to check your account and to address your all queries. These emails are part of our service and you cannot opt-out from this service. 

Note if you receive some email that is asking about your account passwords and user details then immediately forward this email to us.

Information obtained from Third Party Services

When you logged in the Dimwen through the third-party service, then this third-party service may use your information such as gender. In case you have given access to a third-party service to use your information then we will use it to the extent to make some personalized arrangements for you such as settings and content you will see.

But we will strongly recommend you guard your personal information against the third party as much as possible and if you have share, then share it after a thorough research about the authenticity of the third party services.

User Content

The content you will share using our services will be publicly available and give easy access to everyone on the internet. It will be available to the Dimwen team. You should keep in mind that when you share something publicly you lose all the privacy rights of your content which will not remain private and will become public.

There is an option to publish the content privately. But if you will not share something privately, it will be available to everyone with the right to re-blogging and reuse it, share it, and copy it. So be careful when what you choose for your content.

User Content Information

In rare cases, we may collect information on the content you provided to the services. In such cases, we may collect the information of the images and camera through which they were taken to provide you more functionality and a better experience.


Information of Your Mobile Device

We will collect your mobile information, such as your mobile number. To verify your account at we will send you a text message to verify your account. This is optional, so you will opt it out and choose other methods of account verification. This will help us update you with our recent added features at Dimwen.

Your contact’s information

We will collect the information of your contacts. This will help us connect you with the contacts which are also using Dimwen. You can share your email contact list with and then we will after analyzing send the list of the contacts which are also using our services. Similarly, you can share your mobile contact list and we will share the contacts which are also using the Dimwen but you don’t know or you don’t have any connection with them. This help you expand your connections. It will be your choice to share this information with us or not. In case of not sharing the contact lists, you are not liable to anything.

Financial Information

We will collect your financial information such as your credit number, expiration date, and name of the cardholder, the service your use, and the product you buy. However, we will not store or reuse this information. Such financial information can be stored by our third-party service, such as a payment processor. The payment processor may have additional information to store. You are responsible for collecting and familiarizing yourself with their terms of use. We will only collect sometimes last four digits of your credit card number to avoid fraudsters to deceive our privacy policy.


We are using cookies to collect some fundamental information about your web browser and your time on our pages and services. Sometimes your browser turned off this option and cookies then will not be able to collect this information. By turning off the cookies, you may not access some features of the Dimwen. So, we will not recommend you that you turn off this feature. There are some third-party cookies also such as the web blog page you visit or the different pages you visit on our services may contain some plain text coolies which will collect information on their behalf. We are responsible for our cookies only not any third party. So make sure which cookies to turn off.

Location Information

We will store your IP address and then convert it to geolocation to save your location on our database. This information will be used to personalize your experience with our services here at “”.